Laurie Lewis

PRAISE FOR LAURIE LEWIS                  

Laurie Lewis writes with sophistication and simplicity about her
precarious and abundant life. … the sadness that flows from
her innocence and experience is oddly beautiful.
– Elizabeth Hay, author of Snow Road and Late Nights on Air

An independent woman when the phrase was still an oxymoron…
Laurie Lewis tells her intimate story with wit, panache and touching
– Michele Landsberg, author of Writing the Revolution

Her writing is so beautifully precise, often tactile, that at times it feels
a little like wandering about with her as she points things out ...
until we can also see just as plainly.
– Carin Makuz, interview, (at) eleven chatting with writers, August 2015

Essays on Life, Love, and Loss
$22 paper
Available at Novel Idea Books, 156 Princess Street | Kingston
613-546-9799 |  |


In this insightful, moving, and often very funny collection, Laurie Lewis reflects on all that a long and at times difficult life has offered her, with an honesty that will knock you flat. From the mundane to the sublime, she allows nothing to escape notice.
–    Carolyn Smart, author of Hooked and Careen
$17 paper
Available at Novel Idea Books, 156 Princess Street | Kingston613-546-9799 |  |


Laurie Lewis is a writer and publisher and an active member of the Kingston literary community. Her written work has been heard on CBC Radio and is widely published including in Queen’s Feminist Review, Queen’s Quarterly, the Toronto Quarterly, Vista, and the Globe and Mail. Her memoir Little Comrades (Porcupine’s Quill, 2011) was named one of the Globe’s Top 100 Books of the Year. Love, and All That Jazz was published in 2013. Laurie is a fellow of Graphic Designers of Canada and editor emerita of Vista, the publication of the Seniors Association in Kingston, Ontario.