Victoria Webster


Victoria Webster

A beautiful dragon, two talented mice, and a sweet-faced friendly giant meet by happenstance to become a formidable team.
      With the aid of a curiously magical banana boat, the four overcome a kidnapping iceberg and the sinister Jabberwockies to save the Manchestonians, residents of the fabulous island of Manchester.
      Readers have a role to play – perhaps helping to solve the more peculiar aspects of the case, or even restoring colour the jealous Jabberwockies stole from some of the drawings.


Victoria Webster,  storyteller and artist

When it comes to the art of writing and sketching and illustrating a children’s book and sketching, Victoria admits to being a late bloomer.

In her career as a driver-rehab consultant, Victoria has written books to help others overcome life-limiting anxiety and phobic responses to driving. Now, with The Chronicles of the Magical Banana Boat, she sets a course for new lands and uncharted waters. This curious tale of four friends on an adventure emerges from her own delight in words and colour and a deep-seated love of her children, five grandchildren, and the child that still lives in us all

Victoria shares her life with two reasonably well-behaved dogs by the names of Sam and Whitby. She loves the freedom of country life, which is fortunate as her current home is in the Back of Beyond near a small village on a lake she calls Victoria. Her extended family includes Timothy the resident blackbird, and herons Henrietta and Harold, who can often be seen sharing the pleasures of morning coffee in the sunshine close to the dock.

Cover painting by Adele Webster

ISBN 978-1-9991829-0-8
$21 paper

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Published by Woodpecker Lane Press
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