Anne Archer     Emmaline/Evangeline

Candour meets domesticity in Emmaline/Evangeline, Anne Archer’s lyric biography of her mother-in-law, the (largely unsung) painter Evangeline Murray. Images are redolent with colour, texture, and vibrancy. Like mirrors in paintings, sometimes revealing and sometimes concealing, fragments of Evangeline’s own words appear among the poems that sing this remarkable woman to life on the page.
               – Susan Gillis, author of Yellow Crane


Nancy Scovil    The Great Beauty


I kept the family secret. 
Actually, I didn't know what the family secret was.

From a troubled start, then heady days in Toronto of the 1970s and early ’80s as a young adult, life offers the choice of a different life. Nancy Scovil’s elegant memoir describes a complex journey to align outer lived experience with a deeper sense of self.
The Great Beauty embraces the paradox of being an individual, while at the same time embodying an awareness of Oneness – a paradox that holds a gateway to wisdom that waits to be remembered.


Laurie Lewis    Going Over Ninety



Laurie Lewis writes with sophistication and simplicity about her precarious and abundant life . . . The sadness that flows from her innocence and experience is oddly beautiful.
       – Elizabeth Hay, author of Snow Road










Doris loves to play in the snow in her backyard, but it’s no fun when your socks slide down to your toes!
A vibrant colour palette echoes the cold – and warmth – of the season, as Doris contends with her too-big boots!


Diane Creber's new travel tale; A larger-than-life memoir by Maureen Farr-Eagan; Poems for the Sisters by Meg Freer and Chantel Lavoie; From the Frontenacs: poems by Anne Archer


Poems by Laurie Lewis

In this insightful, moving, and often very funny collection, Laurie Lewis reflects on all that a long and at times difficult life has offered her, with an honesty that will knock you flat. From the mundane to the sublime, she allows nothing to escape notice … a further reveal – this time in poetic form – of her intelligence, her cheeky wit, and her incomparable vision.
–    Carolyn Smart, author of Hooked and Careen

$17 paper
Available at Novel Idea Books, 156 Princess Street | Kingston
613-546-9799 |  |


Maureen Farr-Eagan

MURRAY FARR, the subject of this intimate biography by his sister, Maureen, was born in Regina in 1942 and died in LaHave, Nova Scotia, in 1992. He was a tour director, consultant, presenter, impresario, director of Halifax’s Dalhousie Arts Centre, managing director for the Chimera Foundation for Dance in New York, consultant for the Dance Section of the Canada Council, promoter and advisor for various dance and theatre companies ... There’s much more. He was a social activist and a member of several human-rights groups in the 1960s and 1970s. He was a leader. He was fun, funny, smart, compassionate. He was formidable. He laughed with such volume and intensity you could feel the universe jiggling ...
–    Miriam Adams, Dance Collection Danse

 $25 paper   Available at Novel Idea Books, 156 Princess Street | Kingston | 613-546-9799  |

  Meg Freer and Chantel Lavoie

An evocative illustrated collection of poems dedicated to
  the Sisters of Providence.


  $10 paper    ISBN 978-1-9991829-9-1
  Available at Novel Idea Books, 156 Princess, Kingston

Lost Boy from a Line of Heroes
A powerful memoir by writer and artist Gordon Miller on the long journey back from a childhood tragedy that altered his life forever. Contact at 

A Distant Disturbance
An ebook mystery stretched between Canada and New Zealand, by fiction writer Maureen Garvie. Kindle edition available at 

For All He Gave Me
rom sculptor John Boxtel: How one man brought his family of 13 alive and well through World War II in the Netherlands. Available at Novel Idea, Kingston.

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 Dr. Michael Hefferon's latest venture
into the world of medical myth

         Unintentional lessons in parenting                      Four friends and a daring sea rescue

Michael Hefferon / Of Plagues and Vampires 

Malcolm Gibson / Myopia: Growing Up White in Apartheid South Africa / sold out
Grier Owen/ The Horse Who Winked / sold out
John Boxtel / Beware of Black Spiders and Widows
Robert Garvie / Dances with Roofs


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